Shipping Freight

This service offers a one-stop shop for the movement of all your consignments across the globe. You can ship across over 100 destinations globally using simple steps: SW Global Logistics provides Loose Container Load freight movement to most foreign ports thereby eliminating the need to deal with several different carriers by providing just routine shipments, a single party responsible for the entire movement. Significant savings are often achieved without sacrificing delivery time.

Our strengths and advantages

Our strengths and advantages make us different from our competitors and we always is one of transportation and logistics firms customers expect to conduct their shipments

What do you intend to ship?

Precisely specify what you intend to ship, nature of the item, weight, and package measurements. An invoice or packing list always helps to easy-up things.

Where are you shipping from/to? 

Specify where we need to pick up and deliver your item. We can collect shipment from door to door. We handle both exports and imports.