Perishable Goods

Perishable Goods are items liable to perish, decay or spoil rapidly. such as fresh meat, seafood, ripe fruits and certain temperature sensitive medical products (i.e. blood , diagnostics etc.), while non-perishable are items that do not spoil or decay. With the growing demand for products that are now globally recognized. SW Global Logistics and her partners must extremely reliable and detail oriented, as well as knowledgeable in all crucial steps of handling perishable cargo. The members that make up the SW Global Logistics network have all a vetting process to check their capability and credible industry references sought for their related specialties.

You can therefore trust our members and know that you will be guaranteed a professional solution for your perishable cargo requirements. The limited shelf life of most perishable items dictate a just-in-time approach. Goods are collected just in time to make the flight and are collected immediately upon arrival at destination. We carefully monitor the shipments through every step of the journey, but can do more as required by our customers.

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