Air Freight & Charters

Our Air Freight Division arranges for the immediate dispatch of urgent shipments to destinations abroad; upon arrival, our agents provide prompt transfer, customs clearance and delivery of priority freight and receipt of all the necessary documents. When packing such export shipment, we take the highest degree of safety and protection.

When deadlines permit, we can consolidate your consignments which gives our clients the opportunity to make substantial savings over direct movement, with minimal time penalty.

Our strengths and advantages

Our strengths and advantages make us different from our competitors and we always be one of the transportation and logistics firms customers expect to conduct their shipments

Airfreight – We offer fast and efficient services for large and small cargo. Our staff at the airports collects all the relevant documents from the cargo agents on behalf of the client and makes sure all shipments are cleared storage free within two (2) working days.


Exports – Consignments meant for export are airlifted within 24 hours after packing, subject to availability of carrier space.